About Our School

  • We are a public school sponsored by Charleston County School District serving 560 6th through 12 grade scholars.
  • 100% graduation rate and recognized nationally for our unique opportunities for scholars.
  • We are members of the SC State Retirement System/PEBA.
  • Our employees are offered the same health and dental benefits through the Charleston County School District.
  • Our employees can enroll in life insurance for themselves and their families.
  • We follow the same academic calendar as Charleston County School District.
  • Our salary schedule is competitive with the Low Country region’s school districts and we provide opportunities for additional income for teacher leader roles and extra curricular activities.
  • We hire with our mission in mind every time and we are always looking for team members who share our values.

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Career Opportunities

Thank you for considering a career with Charleston Charter School for Math and Science.

CCSMS provides a STEM focused education in a culturally diverse and experiential learning environment. We believe every child can reach their potential with the support of compassionate adults, so we’ve created a school to nurture and engage different types of learners and thinkers. Our community offers small class sizes and pioneering instructional approaches to shape innovators and forward-thinking leaders. Charleston Charter School for Math and Science is closes opportunity and achievement gaps and we are preparing our scholars for 21st century careers.