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    First Day of School - August 18

    CCSMS will start school from a safe distance at home on Tuesday, August 18th. This is the original school start date. We will not delay starting school until September. When it is safe to do so we will begin with in person instruction on campus with options for scholars to continue virtually. We will initially start with small groups of scholars joining us.


    Charleston Charter School for Math & Science
  • Bus Registration

    Bus Registration Form

    If you plan on utilizing bus transportation, please register your scholars using this form.
    Please complete one bus registration for each scholar you have enrolled at CCSMS, so we can plan for grade levels and courses based on their individual needs.
    We are leasing brand-new 2020 buses for the coming school year. Our drivers and Mrs. Sellers are very excited to be able to have the latest in safety and technology to best serve our families and scholars.
    Based on current COVID -19 related guidelines, we will only be able to fill them to about 50% capacity. Scholars who ride the CCSMS school buses next year will have assigned routes and seats. 
    Siblings and those living in the same household will need to sit together. Face masks will need to worn at all times on the bus.
    We will have a new app for families to track the bus locations.

    Routes will post soon.


    Charleston Charter School for Math & Science
  • Free Internet Applications

    Free Internet Applications Due Tuesday, August 4
    If you do not have internet access at home, you may qualify for the state's program. The law limits the households eligible for free internet to:
    • Households with a student.
    • Internet service that is not duplicative - If the student's household already has internet, then the expenditure is not eligible under the CARES Act.
    • Internet that is needed because of the pandemic and for educational purposes.
    • Households with an income at or below 250 percent of federal poverty (see chart below).
    If you meet all of these qualifications, apply here:
    Charleston Charter School for Math & Science
  • Plans for the Beginning of the School Year

    Here are the current plans we will move through together in phases for our CCSMS scholars and families who plan on joining us on campus this school year based on medical experts and data:
    • Temporary Remote Mode: We plan to start on August 18, 2020 with all of our scholars learning from a distance in “temporary remote mode” based on the current trends in COVID-19 for our area.
    • Hybrid: When it is safe to do so, we will have a hybrid option with alternating A and B days, see the chart below. Our A and B days will be aligned with the District’s and they are aligning families on the same days. Most scholars will be on campus 2 days a week and learning remotely 3 days a week.
    • Closer to 100% On Campus: When it becomes safe to do so, we would welcome for more of our scholars to join us on campus for 5 days a week we will make that transition from hybrid to what will look more like a “normal” schedule with some scholars still learning remotely.
    We will have some CCSMS families who choose to stay in a virtual learning environment all year or for parts of the year. We have two options for our scholars and they both allow the scholar to stay enrolled at CCSMS:
    • Distance Learning Option A - The CCSMS Distance Learning Option: Scholars are served by CCSMS teachers and continue to stay in courses paced with their peers during the year. They will be able to come back into the hybrid or traditional model with some simple steps. We will have some scholars who need to quarantine or be out for extended periods unexpectedly and will be able to transition in and out of this option, as needed.
    • Distance Learning Option B - The CCSD Virtual Academy: Scholars are served by non-CCSMS teachers and are on a different schedule than CCSMS. You will be able to select the CCSD Virtual Option on the form we are providing if that is your choice, we will then help you get enrolled for their program which is planning to start on September 8, 2020. Any scholar taking a High School Course with CCSD’s Virtual Academy will need to complete those courses prior to transitioning back into CCSMS classes. Middle School scholars will be able to transition out at the end of each CCSD quarter back into CCSMS.  We will work with families to support these transitions.

    Email to families July 29

    Form to Indicate Your Families Choice for the Beginning of the 20-21 School Year

    Charleston Charter School for Math & Science
  • Public Statement & General Commitment

    June 12th, 2020

    The mission of CCSMS incorporates an ideal of shaping a more positive vision for our scholars and the community at- large. CCSMS is committed to equity and inclusion. We celebrate diversity. We recognize that to be academically excellent and developmentally responsive, we must be reliant on shared experience and expertise. We all learn from listening and seeing life through the eyes of others.

    At the core of everything we do at CCSMS is the desire to help our scholars leave us prepared to be leaders, innovators, and citizens who will have a positive impact on our community. To do this, we must value each and every scholar equally without prejudice or preconceived notions of limitations.

    CCSMS pledges to our community that we will face issues limiting social equity at our school head on during the 2020- 2021 school year. We are starting with a thorough review of our policies, procedures, practices, and systems. Professional development will focus on instructional practices to best serve our diverse population of scholars in a culturally unbiased manner. We will honor all individuals’ unique strengths and seek to create opportunities for growth.

    Together, we stand for what is right, we acknowledge we all have work to do, and we will identify and eliminate barriers, so our scholars may reach their true potential.

    This statement is the collaborative work of faculty, staff, and administrators at CCSMS. It was unanimously approved by the CCSMS Board of Directors on June 11, 2020.


    The mission of Charleston Charter School for Math and Science is to educate students for success in college and careers by providing an innovative learning environment that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive, and socially equitable.

    Charleston Charter School for Math & Science
  • Wavelength Update

    CCSMS Wavelength Week of May 31st, 2020

    Charleston Charter School for Math & Science
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Welcome to CCSMS

The Charleston Charter School for Math and Science offers an advanced curriculum in science and mathematics to students throughout Charleston County.

Our project-based learning model brings math and science to life and provides a hands-on curriculum that utilizes the best of the Lowcountry’s scientific and natural resources.

In addition to core curriculum classes, courses are offered in six career pathways.

Career Pathways

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