Board of Directors Annual Election Information

Board Election Candidate Information 2022

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Note: Dates adjusted due to storm days and holiday weekend.

Board of Directors Annual Election Information: 

The Board of Directors is the governing board for Charleston Charter School for Math and Science (hereinafter “CCSMS”) and governs in accordance with the Charter School Act of 1996.  The Board’s focus is supporting positive student achievement aligned with the mission of CCSMS and ensuring sound fiscal management.

The Board consists of nine members.  Pursuant to S.C. Code Ann. 59-40-50, at least five (5) of the members must be individuals who have a background in K-12 education or in business.  Pursuant to CCSMS' Bylaws, the balance of the Board is to be made up of two (2) parents/guardians of students enrolled at CCSMS and two (2) community members who do not have children attending CCSMS.  Based upon the two-year staggered terms of Board members, there are currently five (5) seats on the CCSMS Board that are subject to election.

Board seats shall carry a term of two years and shall begin at the annual meeting of the year each Director is elected and shall expire at the annual meeting two years later. 

At this time there are five (5) positions subject to election:

                       1                            Parent Member

                       2                            Community Member

                       3                            Education K-12 or Business Member (May be a parent or community member)

                       4                            Education K-12 or Business Member (May be a parent or community member)

                       5                            Education K-12 or Business Member (May be a parent or community member)

Voting will be conducted electronically via a secure survey tool.  Eligible voters will receive an email with a link to vote.  Additional computer access for voting and paper ballots will be available in the CCSMS front office.  In accordance with S.C. Code Ann. 59-40-50, parents or guardians of a student have one vote for each student enrolled in the school; CCSMS employees each have one vote. The deadline for voting will clearly be stated on the ballot form.

Time Line of Process and Important Dates:

September 19, 2022               Application posted on school website and available in the front office.

October 12, 2022                     Applications must be submitted online or in the CCSMS front office by 12:00 p.m.

October 14, 2022                    Candidate information posted on website.

October 18 and 19, 2022      Voting open online 7am on October 18, 2022 to 7pm on October 19, 2022 with paper ballots or computer ballots available on campus during school hours.

October 20, 2020                    Confirmation of election results at Board Meeting

November 17, 2022                Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishes policies for the governance of the school in accordance with national, state, and local laws governing public charter schools in South Carolina.
  • Hires, evaluates, retains, and removes the school principal.
  • Directs the principal to employ teachers and non-teaching employees.
  • Reviews documentation presented by principal ensuring that all employee applicants have met certification requirements and applicable background investigations before employment.
  • Is responsible for approving or ratifying contracted services not limited to transportation, financial accounting, and legal services.
  • Directs the principal to review and adjust pay scales, performance criteria, and discharging policies as required.
  • Develops policies regarding operations of the school, budgeting and curriculum.
  • Reviews monthly financial reports and votes annually on the budget.
  • Reviews and evaluates the academic and administrative achievements and progress towards annual goals.
  • Maintains accurate up-to-date records of the business conducted at all Board meetings.
  • Notifies the public of scheduled meetings in accordance with state laws.
  • Conducts periodic reviews of school guidelines regarding health, safety, civil rights, and disability rights requirements as needed, and adheres to the same requirements that are applied to all public schools operating in Charleston County School District.


In accordance with state law, Board Members cannot have any felonies on their record.