Welcome to the CCSMS Virtual Meet the Teacher Event.   Below you will find your scholar's High School teachers in alphabetical order.

Please reach out to individual teachers for additional information.

Mrs. Bailey

Ms. Black

Coach Boston

Ms. Boulineau

Mrs. Burbage

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Dyer

Mr. Ellison

Mr. Lassiter

Mrs. Manigault

Ms. Marcell

Ms. Martin

Mr. Gaona

Mrs. Hair

Ms. Jarotski

Mrs. Kendrick

Ms. Masters

Ms. McClain

Mr. McHugh

Ms. Nomala

Mr. Palmer

Ms. Payten

Ms. Rodgers

Mrs. Rutter

Mr. Sanders

Mrs. Sarmiento

Mr. A. Smith

Mrs. Sonnycalf

Mrs. Withrow